Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ice-cream nyaman

posing sblom melahab

omg ! hitam ny saya !! kn kn kn .. being geomatic student .. how le ?? can not do anything about it .. nyway i cant wait till weekend .. going to meet my family at KL .. oh .. didnt i tell uguys ?? mimi, my sis get accepted at UITM Shah Alam .. doing her degree .. her course ?? err .. im not sure .. networking something .. she wont explain .. n i dun really care .. the main thing is im gonna meet my family there .. i miss em so much .. oh my final start at 12th march n end at 31st march .. dem it !! now im super bz with test 2 for every subject .. yes i do mean every subject .. oh gosh .. got 3 pimple in me face now !! i wont show it to uguys .. haaa .. super stress .. thank god i didnt hit the wall yet .. the week omos over .. 2 more test to go before family .. oh family family family ..

wat they gonna say bout my hitam pimple face ah ?? hmmm ..

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