Wednesday, November 23, 2011

sixth sense kasi jantung saya bedegup oh dan gegarkan uitm arau


well for uguys dats follow my blog for dis past new month .. uguys know how much i looooovvveee sixth sense !!! hahaha .. eherm2 .. guess wat ????? ok maybe uguys ody guess it .. they're having concert at uitm arau dis evening .. omg  !!!!! hahahaha .. im so exited when i heard bout dis .. omg omg omg .. so of kos i went to dis concert .. eyh2 .. dis concert is tour wit digi something something something .. hahaha .. idk la wats d name ..for uitm its free .. dun have to pay anything to get in it .. after class i went straight away to student hall .. ngeeee .. i mean i waited for 3 song from unknown singer .. heh ? but it so worth to wait .. when Adi come out to stage i scream my heart out ..

ngeeeeeee .. hehe .. he sang 4 song .. start with TANPA , YG SEMPURNAKAN KU , MENYESAL , and  KHATIMAH CINTA .. he sang live but it sounded like in a radio .. how awesome is dat ?? super !!!! nyway alor setar is next .. n dat time u have to buy ticket to get in .. muahahahahaha .. me so lucky gotta watch em live performance for free ..

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