Friday, December 30, 2011

ombak rindu .. wave miss


like lagenda budak setan nurajim ... dis film oso inspired by a malay novel .. same thing goes to lagenda budak setan movie .. im kinda disappointed by ombak rindu movie .. y ? hmm .. ombak rindu is one of my fav novel .. haaa .. a surprise look on ur faces now .. syu read malay novel ???? omg !!! ahhh .. yess .. i only started reading english novel when i was 16 y/o .. b4 dat i read malay novel okiiiieeeee !! so among the many novel i read .. ombak rindu is one of my fav .. i remember every details in the novel .. i even told d story to my lil cuzzie as their bed time story .. u know .. bcos there's suppose to be a moral of the story which sadly the movie kinda skip dat part .. i expect more from dis movie considering i ody read the novel .. the commercial is vavuva .. the actor win so many award n bla bla bla .. then when i watched dis movie yesterday .. n i thank god .. oh god ! thank you ! for straighten up my brain to not watch dia movie at the cinema .. wat a waste of money it would be .. im very disappointed .. hampa .. sadis .. by dis movie .. i mean  the novel is not dat thick as lagenda budak setan (yes i ody read the novel b4 i watched the movie too) so y do they skip n change a lot from the novel ???

so anyway .. just leave the q for nobody to ans .. when i was lil .. i read the novel n i hate character which lisa surihani act as .. she so annoying in the novel .. but as i grew up an experience the real love .. n watched the movie (as if  iread the novel again ) i totally understand the character .. cmon .. let c it from her point of view .. she grow up wit a guy .. madly in love wit him .. she study oversea .. come back n ody preparing herself to marry a guy she sooo in love wit n come to learn the guy is ody over her n in love wit some women . i mean .. who is dis women suddenly come in to her life .. destroy her perfect love story .. take her happy ending just like dat .. its not fair .. n its really hard to love someone who doesnt love us back .. n its really hard to see our love one happy wit some other girl .. seyesly how can we get over a guy we madly in love for yearsssss ??

over ny saya .. so guys if u wanna watch the movie .. go ahead .. i wont stop u .. but .. amalkan budaya membaca .. ngeeheeeee ! :p

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