Sunday, January 29, 2012

boat berasap


somebody call 911 .. shorty fire burning on the dance floor ooooo ~~ hahaha .. toinggg .. ok ok ok .. seyes .. ngee .. yesterday .. i mean last nite im super duper full .. wanna know y ?? steamboat !! yupie yupie yup .. i forget where is it .. all i remember is it 5km before reach kangar .. oh i went there wit my classmate .. omos all of them go .. kinda .. erk .. haha .. it curiously cheap too .. RM10 for all u can eat .. ahh .. freaky aite .. im really curious bout the profit actually .. especially if peole like us go there .. like seyesly .. we ate like hell last nite .. i think i ate more than RM10 if it just ordinary restaurant .. ahh .. y do i care ?? haa .. enjoy the pic k 

me n thirah

focusing on the food

cute pose

oh im full

me n my classmate ..

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