Saturday, January 28, 2012

roses r red n go black when they die

bunga rose layu di corner meja study ku

aha .. y is there rose at my study desk ?? idk lalala ~ c im not flower girl kinda type .. i dun like flower but yesterday there's a program thingy happening here .. me 1st time c our PM up close .. like supper close .. uitm student shud greet him as he walk along the red carpet n im one of the student standing there like stupid .. haa .. yada yada yada .. its not really interesting story to tell actually ..

so after he done wit his speech .. we all go eat .. took pic lalala .. then kn kn kn .. me n my fren go pick flower used to decorate the stage .. then people start picking it to .. i pick 3 rose as it significant to i love you .. haha .. weird .. other were bz taking pic wit the roses .. i stood there wit 3 roses in my hand .. who shud i give dis to ?? hmmm .. well bcos it so pretty n people always looking at me .. then i keep the roses

i come back to me room n put the roses at the corner of my study desk .. i dun sprinkle water at it .. i just let them die .. haha .. when will i grow up n appreciate dis kinda thing huh ?? still there r so many of tiny ants here on my desk .. they kinda like the roses .. ahh .. do ants eat roses ??

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